I?m late getting this out because I?ve been waiting to get the results from Uhlien?s Grand Slam Tournament that was held
this past weekend, but no luck. If you are interested you can call them at 631 668 3799. Don?t bother with the website.
They still haven?t put up last years results.

That was a pretty lousy couple of days, and it?s not so awful nice right now either. It seems to me that there is always a
stretch of bad weather in the last week of August. I first noticed it years ago when I purposefully left a date unbooked
just to be able to catch my breath. The day after my day off I got blown out for three days running. Never did that again.

Inshore the fluke fishing is still very very good, if the weather cooperates. Too much breeze or too little and it?s slow.
The choice area right now is in front of Gurney?s, unless the breeze is light, then you are better off closer to the point
where the tide can give you some drift.

Bass fishing was excellent early in the week, but started to get difficult by the weekend, except for the surfers, who
loaded up early Sunday morning on the north side of the point.

Offshore is pretty discouraging, with sharking slow and the far off yellowfins very hard to find. I did hear of a private
boat fishing at the Dump catching a half dozen small makos, but charter boats are unlikely to run that far for sharks. At
the Mudhole, the VENTURE went there twice this past week, one day to watch bluefins that weren?t hungry and the
next to wonder where they went. Hopefully this little bit of weather will shake things up some. It sure can?t hurt things
too much.

It?s looking pretty serious for next years fluke regs. The United Boatmen of New York, a party boat organization is
trying to get a letter writing campaign going. For more info go to http://www.montauksportfishing.com/fluke-hlp.htm

For those of you into the winter fishing, it looks like Fins n Feathers in Guatemala is going to reopen this upcoming
season, under new ownership. If you are interested, drop me a line or give me a call.

If you would like to have these reports sent to you directly, just drop me a note at captgene@montauksportfishing.com.
For more information about fishing in Montauk, you can give me a call at 800 280 5565 or check out

Capt Gene Kelly
Montauk Sportfishing