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Thread: this weeks fishing knot>> palomar

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    this weeks fishing knot>> palomar

    Double 4 inches of line and pass the loop formed through the eye of the fishing hook.
    Let the hook hang loose. Tie an overhand knot in doubled line. Don't twist or tighten line.
    Pull the loop far enough to pass it completely over the hook.

    Wet the line. Hold the hook carefully, and pull the loose end with the standing line slowly to tighten the knot. Clip the loose end and you one of the best fishing knots known.

    Not one of my favorite fishing knots but others seem to like it.

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    easy to tie, and believe or not...strong...never had one fail(used on braid)

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    IMO this is the best knot that can be used!!!!!!!! I have never had it fail on me
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