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Thread: giant mako

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    giant mako

    Brendan Mason, a software developer from Seattle, Washinton, caught this enormous mako shark while fishing with Capt. David Trimble of Bowman Bluewater off the coast near San Diego, California. Trimble estimated the shark at 11 feet long and well over 600 pounds in weight.

    The anglers attracted the mako with a bucket of chum, which it attacked, pushing their 24-foot boat around across the water. The shark also bit the prop of the boat?s outboard engine.

    ?After we took the chum buckets away and got him to quit chewing on the boat, it took a bit of work to get him to eat a fly, but somehow we pulled it off,? said Mason.

    After hooking the shark (on a red and white tandem streamer), it took Mason about 40 minutes to land it on his 16-weight fly rod. The fish jumped more than 10 times during the fight.

    The folks over at Bowman Bluewater are saying that this may be the largest fish ever caught on a fly.

    More details on this story coming soon, so keep an eye on!

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    Great pictures!! Once this guy started chewing on the boat I think it would have been time to hit the road.
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    A 600+# Mako on a 16 Wt Flyrod...OK....
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    Great pics and story to go with it.
    Keep them coming

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