Ristori: Ernesto's impact along Shore should be minor
Friday, September 01, 2006
Star-Ledger Staff
Tropical Storm Ernesto shouldn't cause much damage along the Shore, but it's likely to create uncomfortable conditions for the beginning of the holiday weekend before winds are predicted to calm for Sunday and Labor Day. Fortunately, the rem nants of the storm are arriving between moons, so coastal flooding and subsequent dirty waters shouldn't be as much of an issue after it passes by. The hot bite in the canyons will have to wait, and bottom fishing may suffer a brief setback from the swell, but bluefishing at the Mud Hole, Mud Buoy and 17 Fathoms should snap back quickly.

While Ambrose and Sandy Hook channels produced good fluking last week, Capt. Ron Santee of the Fishermen from Atlantic Highlands couldn't get a bite there Monday, but scored in Chapel Hill Channel. Sandy Roskilly of New Tripoli, Pa., bagged four fluke up to a 3 1/2-pounder to win her fourth pool of the season, and also added he boat's first weakfish. New Jersey fluke fishermen can fish through Oct. 9, but the New York fluke season ends Sept. 12 and cuts off some areas fished by the Raritan Bay fleet.

Wednesday's forecast scared off most anglers, but it turned out to be a pretty decent day, with only a modest northeast wind in the morning and almost none by early afternoon.

George Gabuzda of Wall was aboard Team Wellcraft from Highlands as Capt. Hans Kaspersetz and I worked Sandy Hook with sandworms and light tackle for stripers. Thirteen up to 26 inches were released along with some fluke, though only one of the latter was a keeper. Blues were abundant on the surface for casting, and other schools of blues were spotted during a run to the back of Raritan Bay. Weakfish often feed below the blues, but we didn't find any under them by dropping worms to bottom.

Capt. Willie Egerter Jr. got into good porgy action yesterday with his Dauntless from Point Pleasant. His anglers averaged 10 to 20, plus sea bass, and Egerter caught 54. Sea bass were the focus Wednesday when Pat Farley of Point Pleasant Beach won the pool with an 8-pound blackfish and added 11 bass plus three fluke. Egerter said Wednesday night's bluefishing was very good.

Joe Fishler of Keyport recently brought a 10-pound doormat fluke into Crabby's Tackle in that town, and followed up last week with fluke of 13, 12 1/2 and 9 pounds on snappers off Sandy Hook.

Capt. Vito Manzi of Miss Lynn at Morgan had hot fluking last week with John Boszko and his family while fishing rough bottom in the ocean as 10 keepers up to an 11-pound doormat were boated, including two 6-pounders, two fives and a 4-pounder.

At Point Pleasant, Adam La Rosa said the Canyon Runner hasn't been able to fish the canyons this week, and probably won't get out from for a couple of days, which is a shame since that sport has been excellent. Captains Phil Dulanie and Mark DeCabia took the Frank Cardaci charter from Farmingdale out last week for a Thursday to Friday overnighter between Hudson and Toms canyons, where they found yellowfin tuna on top. The first four fish were the ex pected 60- to 70-pounders, before an Allison (not a separate species, but a large yellowfin that sports extended pectoral and anal fins) hit a green machine spreader bar. That fish was fought for an hour and 20 minutes before the 201-pounder was boated. After trolling one more yellowfin, they set up for chunking and finished an 18 yellowfin limit with mostly 50- to 70-pounders.


Dulanie and DeCabia also had a great Aug. 17-18 overnighter as after chunking eight 30- to 50-pound yellowfins and a 140-pound mako at night, they put the Damien Tomeo charter into three white marlin releases out of four hits during the morning troll plus an albacore.Capt. Mark DeBlasio's report of a grand slam on his Hooked-Up II last week was cut at the end of yesterday's column before marlin were added to the 15 yellowfin tuna trolled by the Jim Sullivan party. They released a white marlin and lost another before a 350- to 400-pound blue marlin smashed a green machine and was fought for 45 minutes to the release. Last week's Thursday to Friday overnighter produced eight yellowfins trolling for the Rich Alvarado and Lance Seeton party from Philadelphia while Alvarado's girl friend, Megan, fought a 175-pound blue marlin to within five feet of the leader before the hook pulled. Then they chunked and jigged 20 more yellowfins in the 30-to-50-pound class at night for a limit catch plus releases.

At Belmar, Capt. Greg Markert has been en joying fine bluefishing on his Golden Eagle, but is looking forward to the first canyon tuna trip on Labor Day. Call (732) 681-6144 for reservations