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Thread: a few fishing reports from the recent past

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    a few fishing reports from the recent past

    since its going to be a few days before things in Cabo get back to normal after hurricane John i thought you might enjoy looking through some of the recent fishing reports befor the storm.
    July 15, 2006 Let us start by congratulating TOM AND CAROLYN ROSSKNECHT who boarded our first BLUE MARLIN of this summer season aboard RUM RUNNIN with Cesar and Fausto on the 8th of July. The lovely couple thought they would spend a few hours in the morning trying their had at some fishing.....a couple of hours in, slightly offshore, they got their prize of a Blue estimated at 250lbs ! Congratulations to them and thanks for the great photos that you can soon see on the photo gallery. RUM RUNNIN also spent their time over the last few weeks catching and releasing 12 STRIPED MARLIN, 4 WAHOO, 8 DORADO a SAILFISH and some small football YELLOWFIN TUNA......An excellent couple of weeks for these guys and their anglers with a few days of rest in between...........REEL RUM with RAMON AND OMAR entertained many anglers these past few weeks with the catch and release of 17 STRIPED MARLIN, 10 DORADO, 1 SAILFISH AND 12 FOOTBALL TUNA....RAMON AND OMAR made some new friends in BRITAIN SMYTHE AND HIS FATHER on their father/son three day fishing trip with REEL RUM.........congratulations on your grand catches gentlemen and we will see you again next year ! .........REDRUM TOO sent anglers out a few times over the last few weeks flying their flags with 4 RELEASED STRIPED MARLIN, ONE MARLIN KEPT, 6 DORADO, 3 LITTLE FOOTBALL TUNA AND 1 WAHOO.......REDRUM TOO also entertained snorkelers for a full day of fun, sun, snorkling, swimming and a few cold beverages........The waters have remained very warm around the Sea of Cortez side, averaging in the low to mid eighties with a few whacky days of lower temps and the pacific has been slightly cooler in the mid 70's the last few days due to winds from stoms to the very far south of us........don't worry, they are headed way west ! Most fish were being caught at the 95, Cerro Colorado and Cabeza de Ballena as well as the Old Lighthouse for those who braved some choppy waters on the Pacific side..........for those of you headed down to our little slice of paradise, dont' forget your hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and a few more changes of t-shirts - it's the hot and humid season and you will be glad you have a few extra changes of clothing ! Yesterday and today, in the wee hours of the morning, we got our first 10 minutes of rain for the season ....this is not expected to last and visitors can expect few clouds in a beautiful blue sky..............
    Jun 26, 2006 No matter what you call it......DORADO, MAHI - MAHI OR DOLPHIN FISH..........they are here and they are huge...........Catches have been in the 70 lb range with one report of a 78 lb monster on Sunday. continue to be plentiful as well. One large private boat brought in a BLACK MARLIN over 600 lbs about 65 miles out but they will be headed out way soon.........average water temperature over the last few days has warmed to 80 degrees all around the point and into the Pacific. Calm seas, warm water and great fishing is the picture of Cabo that you imagine it to be........Another note to all who will be coming over the days of the Federal Election here in Mexico - the 2nd of July.........BE AWARE that access to purchasing alcohol is restricted by law though you may find some vendors who may be willing to sell it to you, be prepared and buy it early to leave in your hotel room..........
    Jun 20, 2006 This past week brought a banner catch of DORADO for anglers enjoying the first of the Cabo summer heat.....DENNIS WENTWORTH and his son spent three days deep sea fishing with REEL RUM and one day panga fishing with great results and memories......They boarded and released STRIPED MARLIN, MULTIPLE DORADO AND A 30 LB GROUPER on their fishing days........TERRY WHITE and his friends enjoyed two days fishing with FAUSTO AND CESAR on RUM RUNNIN bringing in STRIPED MARLIN, DOARDO AND SOME FOOTBALL TUNA.........REDRUM TOO also caught and released TWO STRIPED MARLIN for the JAMES PARTY .............. the last few days has brought in strong winds from the Pacific, cooling the inshore waters a bit but the Pangas are reporting more ROOSTER activity in the last few days...........bigger game fish have been tougher with the sudden cooling of the water but some lucky anglers managed a few Dorado in spite of the cooler waters...........cooler waters are expected to last a couple of more days and then return to their usual summer temperatures...............

    Buena Suerte........ jim

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    nice report jim

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    Great report, how are the boats doing after the hurricane??

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    great to see you on this outstanding new forum. All of the boats including new 33 Bertram, (tournament rigged, and rock solid) came through with flying colors and will soon be flying Marlin flags!! fishing should be great on the backside of this weather event. looking forward to sharing some fishing time and a cerveza or 6 with you. Buena Suerte......... jim
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