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Thread: Available Cod Fishing Charter Dates

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    Available Cod Fishing Charter Dates


    Thanks for the e-mail and as requested here are the dates available for Oct.

    Currently all dates are available with the exception of the 21st and the 28th.

    I expect to have some great trips in Oct and November. Please give me a shout when the gang is ready to get out.



    PS: Ernesto screwed up my weekend big time
    Capt Dave Waldrip

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    We're working on something for both Fall and Spring Dave....

    Get ready for the nutbags again LOL..... 8)
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    We had a ball that trip even though things were a little slow, the mentality sure was there and everyone worked hard. Can't wait to get out with the NBSS crowd again.

    Capt Dave Waldrip

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    Can't wait. Jim-Eric-Let's pick the date and move on it.

    Dave: Are you doing any weekdays then? or weekends only?, as you know we want YOU for our captain.

    When Nov 1 comes along and the WGOM Cod Fishery closes, how are you planning on handling that this year? Targeting Haddock & Pollock at different spots than the normal Cod Hot Spots?
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    Cod Fishing


    You want me as your captain of course you can have it your way, weekend or weekday whatever works for you. As far as the Nov closure of the GOM, we overall got screwed with this regulation as it was shoved up our a^^**

    If we did not take it, they were talking about three fish limits for the entire year. I am going to have to suck it up, like everyone else but I hope the dept of Marine Fisheries in all of the norhern NE sttes and NMFS has the people to ENFORCE THE LAW.

    In the meantime, this month will kill me financially as I ran quite a few of these trips in Nov. This is when folks boats are put away and they want cod for their freezer. I hope it is only temporaily and we will need to fight to get it back. Even though we loose this month it is also a killer with March gone also.

    I plan on coming out of water 01 November unless the Feds make a drastic change which I doubt will happen. I intend on working on the boat that extra month with changing the berth to a v-berth, redoing my windows, working on the counters down below. Once done, I may also have boat repaired with knicks (20 oz sinkers hitting hull along with jugs) and awlgripped. I am removing bow rail and may have new one made up along with a rocketr launcher. Gee, do you know anyone who might be able to do this type of work.

    I am planning on removing radar arch and flying bridge and moving raft off bow to roof. Once done, I am putting cup in prop with lighter boat I expect to gain 2-3 knots.

    Let me know when you want to come up, piuck the date for this year and once again thanks.

    Capt Dave Waldrip

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