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    Cape Cod Bay

    I thought since the weather is keeping me inside, I thought I would share some info on the fishing in the Bay. The water temp has dropped from the low 70's to the 60's in a week, which moved some of the stripers back on to the area of Billingates Shoals. The morning bite has been good but the afternoon and evening not as well. There were plenty of bluefish off of Wellfleet, (the path) but with the temp going down they have since moved. If you troll rigs in deep water, 40-55 feet you should do well. Last charter we hit for some big double blues on the rigs and some good size bass were laying on the bottom. Some guys are letting out 400 feet of wire to get down to the bass in that depth.
    Up on the shoal the jigging has been good, we had some mung there for a week or two, but that has moved out. The colors that are working are black/purple, black/gold, black/shatruce and they are 3 oz heads. I really have not heard much near P-Town......oh and the chanel into Barnstable Harbor has been good with the tube and worm. If I can help in anyway......please get intouch with me.......Hope this helps some..

    Capt. Mark
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    Dennis Ma,

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    Good info, Cap!
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    is dennis near cape cod? wife and i are taking a break from working weekends around end sept...going to cape....I may want to see how you charter capts do it up there.....if dennins is near where we are staying maybe I'll charter you up...

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    On Tuesday, the 5th, we hit for some stripers up on the North Ledge, which is NW of the Billingates Shoals. It is about 15 - 25 feet of water. We used jigs again and the colors were purple/black, and black/gold. They were the best. After slack water things really went slow, some people hit on the tubes, red, and did ok..........but the DOG FISH came so we moved............but really could not find them........Just to keep up to date......

    Capt. Mark
    Shannon Sea Sportfishing
    Dennis Ma,

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