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Thread: Steve Irwin : DEAD : Crocodile Hunter no more : RIP

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    Steve Irwin : DEAD : Crocodile Hunter no more : RIP

    This time, it's not an eRumor. Steve Irwin was killed diving on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, by a StingRay, with the spike piercing his chest and heart with the poisionous barb.

    A real loss in my opinion. While he was a bit fanatical, he had a great respect for animals. His judgement was often called into question, and the internet warriors will now jump on this and compare him to the likes of the Grizzly Idiot and a number of other whack jobs. Typical armchair warriors who simply thrive on discounting the efforts of successfull people. I've even seen someone compare him to Michael Jackson (hanging the baby out). Idiot. I do not believe he was in the same class as those freaks. This guy was the real deal, in my opinion. His knowledge and fervor for naturalism were near unparalelled.

    Discovery Channel Article

    Fox News Article

    MSNBS Article

    God bless his family and friends. He will be missed. My 6 year old daughter is beside herself.

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    that sux..........

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    I heard it Monday while I was out brother called me on the VHF and told me (he was out fishing too and had heard in the AM before he left)....I was pretty shocked.

    A real freak incident! And very unfortunate.......definitely a loss!
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