It?s kind of difficult to give a report that is worth much this week. The weather was crap all last week, and didn?t settle
down until Sunday night. Monday there was still some leftover seas, and I?m sure that affected the fishing.

At any rate, there are still fluke around, but the bite was off on Monday, probably because of the conditions. But there
were enough of them taken that I think there will be better action when everything settles down.

Striped bass fishing was good enough, and there are a lot of bluefish around as well for the trollers. Those live lining the
porgies had an easier time catching bass than they did catching the bait. That too will get better in a couple of days.

The surfcasters had some great bass action when the weather was at its worst, with guys taking twenty or more keeper
bass per session. Then when the weather moderated, the action all stopped. You have to be crazy to be a surfcaster.

I heard of a boat that went shark fishing and caught a couple of sharks on Monday, but that is about it. I don?t know of
any boat that has gone for tuna in a week or so, so there?s nothing to report on that fishery.

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