I guess fall is here. At least it feels like it. To me this is the best part of the year here in Montauk. The tourists are gone
and I can finally get a parking spot in the IGA, and best of all is the fishing.

Fluke are officially done on Tuesday, and the timing is just right, because the catches are dropping off. You can still
catch a 7 - 8 pound fish, but it might be the only one. Seabass have taken their place, and to the south of the Point it?s
pretty good, but for small fish. There are better ones over by the Island.

Striped bass fishing is pretty good, with the charters mostly able to eke out their limits, either trolling or on the live
porgies, but it?s not easy. There are too many fish around, blue ones with yellow eyes.

I?m starting to see some fly guys, but it looks like they are mostly catching the yellow-eyes too. I heard of a couple of
falsie sightings, but they?re not here in force yet.

The giants are still nibbling over at the Mud Hole. The JOYSEA brought one in on Sunday and the TUNA TANGLER
had two. They?re nice fish too, most from the high 600?s and up to 900 or so pounds. Offshore the yellowfins and
longfins are cooperating somewhat out around the 400 line. A couple of captains that I know ewere ouit there came back
with 4 - 6 fish each on regular day trips.

Shark wise, it?s mostly the big fall bluesharks, and a couple of fish per day is about average.

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