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Thread: Big Fish, Little Boat

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    Big Fish, Little Boat

    Mission: Pursue the elusive Yellowfin Tuna
    Location: Nearshore Gulf of Mexico
    Equipment: Small boat and light tackle

    The monday morning sun rose over the 17ft Scout as I pushed the throttles forward. The 90 horsepower Johnson engine roared to life as the boat made it's sharp turn southwards into the mighty Mississippi River. Tension and anticipation was high among the two crew as no one yet knew what the days fishing would bring. The thought of sleep was blown out of my mind by warm air making it's way past the sleek craft now headed downriver. Worry soon filled my consciousness as a growing number of thunderstorms headed southward. The last thing I wanted after coming this far was to be blown out at the last moment. Still I edged the Scout towards South Pass, and waiting, hungry Tuna. As we cleared the Jetties it became painfully apparent that these storms were going nowhere fast. The decision was made to wait them out inside the pass. Soon the boredom of waiting was erased by the sounds of fish crashing helpless bait along a sandy shoreline. Though an offshore angler through and through, no fisherman can stand the sight of hungry fish. A cast with a spoon soon yielded a feisty 8lb Redfish. I handed the rod to my father and lifetime fishing partner, and said: "You're next." Soon enough another, almost identical Redfish was boatside waiting to be released. While our attention was elsewhere the thunderstorms that had plagued our morning thusfar had moved South. Knowing looks were exchanged and the Scout was pointed Southeast.

    No bait was made, but hopes were still high. We arrived at our target destination, where according to locals, our quarry had been spotted recently. Chum was cut, leaders were tied, all hands to battle stations. Within minutes a fish was on, but not a tuna!??! As I pull the fish towards the boat I realize who the tasty culprit is: Rainbow Runner! I prepare to haul him into the boat and soon his icy grave. Mr. Barracuda had other ideas, flying out of the water a mere foot from my shocked face, he trys for an easy meal. He is denied and a tasty runner puts some "slime in the ice machine". In the ensuing minutes four more of his colorful comrades join him. The boat is set for another drift, lines put out. Suddenly, the TLD25 is screaming in agony as my father sets the drag and pulls it from it's resting place. This was no Rainbow Runner. I knew who the culprit was and my father was finding out just what he is capable of. Forty agonizing minutes later color appears in the hazy blue water. He's a Yellowfin and he's a good one. I hear the anger and determination in my father's voice as he roars with every crank and every pump of the rod. His first Yellowfin and a beating he won't soon forget. As the mighty sea beast reaches gaff range he makes one more dash for freedom as the leader parts. I can feel the disappointment in my father's tone as he stares at the line dangling in the water. At this point my determination becomes twice as strong - we will take one of these fish. Dad needs to rest and agrees to cut chum and reposition the boat. I prepare mentally for the challenge to come. Soon enough, Mr. Tuna picks up my bait and starts his dash to freedom. I engage the drag on my 25 as the 80lb spectra leaves the reel at an alarming rate. This fish is mine, all mine. After 30 minutes and some skillful maneuvering he is boatside and resigned to his fate in the icy cooler of death. A perfect gaff shot by dad and the fat tuna is slung into the boat. High fives are exchanged as we marvel at what we've accomplished. Though we caught no other Tuna and only one undersize Red Snapper on the way in, we couldn't care less. We had captured our quarry.

    Mission: Accomplished

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    Nice first report! 8)
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    Great pics
    Great report
    Looks like a storm in the backround hope you didn't fight it on the way in.

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    that is great....

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    That sounds like a blast!!!
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