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Thread: "Don't give up on the fishing yet."

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    "Don't give up on the fishing yet."

    September 13, 2006

    "Don't give up on the fishing yet."

    Just because Labor Day is behind us and the school busses are rolling again, it doesn't excuse you from your obligation to fish. Sadly this time each year, the Sound becomes quite the lonely place. The children are back in school and most family outings on the boat are over. For the unfortunate ones with other seasonal commitments, it truly is the end of the fishing season. As for the rest, it's a loud ring of the dinner bell. "Come and get em!"
    It's difficult to bring the appeal of fall fishing to someone who only knows how to catch fluke, or dig clams when the water temperature is more than seventy degrees. Basically fishermen are like tires. Seasonal, and all-season. The all-season fisherman usually has fewer interests and obligations, therefore always ready for whatever is biting. If nothing is biting, they are preparing for when something does. The seasonal person has more of a temporary fix on fishing. Only because he or she is otherwise too busy. We have just recently crossed that invisible date line between the two.
    To bring everyone up to speed, fluke fishing has slowed down quite fast. In fact NY waters will close its fluke season as of 9/13. Fluke remain open in CT and RI. but most agree is not worth doing. Blackfish are currently closed in CT and NY, and is open in RI. Winter flounder are also closed until April 2007. (For a full listing of all regulations see
    "So, what can we catch?" A most common question at Shaffer's Bait and Tackle in Mystic. We are often faced breaking the news to a once eager and happy family, only to shatter their plans by telling them that most of the fishing is closed. With the fluke gone and the blackfish closed, it puts us in a proverbial fishing purgatory, the half-way point on the road to the end. This years fishing that is. Right now is a great time for fishing for the fun of it. Try not to concern yourself with only fishing for things you like to eat. There couldn?t be more bluefish out there than there are now. If that doesn?t do it for you, take the kids out for some non-stop porgy action. A nice black sea bass is always a treat, and let's not forget the stripers. The fall run cows are here already. Tube and worm trolling has turned the novice to an expert overnight. False albies and bonito will usually stick around until October so follow that bird! By the time you read this, the blackfish will reopen in a matter of days. Opens in CT, Friday, September 22, so start stocking up on sinkers, rigs, chum pots, and anchors. Just remember, stay north of the New York line until October 1st.

    Catch em up!
    Capt. Allen Fee
    Shaffer's Bait and Tackle / Sea Dog Charters
    "Smile you S.O.B."

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    Nice report and good information Allen. Patience is key this time of year in New England, waiting for the Blackfish season to re-open (along with cooler waters which excite the bite).
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