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Thread: Might have been a Fresh water report....but.....

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    Might have been a Fresh water report....but.....

    I figured with the weather lately on the sound and a special invite, i had planned to fish a "secret"hole for large mouth bass with a friend this morning. With a call from stress reeleiver said he was going out last night and the water was nice and then a call from a commercial fisherman last night, and in talking with him told him of my new the salt......or take up on the offer for sweet water. His reply was simple "go on the sound, you aint gonna get too many more nice days this year, fish the puddles when it blows out here"

    Last minute this morning i took his advice, got some fresh bunker on the way, snagged em up quick, I ran to a local reef, drifted for an hour with 2 bluefish chompoffs. off to another reef....nothing at all for 30 minutes, off to a another spot, swithed to a modified tube, something made a while back that i was meaning to try. From the first pass, it was off to the races.......6 bass and only 3 bluefish!!! then it was time to check on the crew, so I left em biting.......I'll pick up where i left off tomorrow morning.
    blues were small...7-8 lbs
    bass were also a tad small, 3 32+ " and 3 that were slightly short 26-28"

    The conditions were awesome,1 foot rollers, slight westerly wind, nice current, air temp was cool, just on the brink of brisk, not too hot ....not too cold.

    Nice way to start the day.
    Captain Moon

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    Yeh frig the puddles......

    You did the right thing! 8)
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