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Thread: Catch-up reports from the Makomania

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    Catch-up reports from the Makomania

    Since, after some untoward delays, I just got signed up, I thought I'd give a run down for how we've done in the last month or so.

    During mid-August we did a cod trip to Cox's with four experienced cod fishermen from Long Island. Although we were plaugued with dogfish all day (must have caught 100 of them!) we did put 35 steaker cod in the box. Odd, in that all of the codfish were either shorts or steakers, absolutely no barely legal fish.

    We did a shark trip two weeks ago, when there were no decent reports of sharks around. Went to temperture break out near the Gully where we managed to find four decent sized blue sharks, a small mako (released) and a 150 pound mako.

    Several inshore trips produced great fluke fishing up until last weekend. Last weekend the fluke fishing was tough and we opted to concentrate on sea bass. Before that trip we were regularly limiting out on fluke with fish in the 3 to 10 pound range. The sea bass were pretty spotty last weekend, I'd get on a piece and we would catch 3 to 5 nice fish and then no more. I'd have to find another piece to get another 3-5 fish and then move on. We did finish up the day with about 60 sea bass in the box.

    A canyon trip two weeks ago, during the week accounted for 10 yellowfins, most in the 40-50 pound range with two fish pushing the 100 pound mark. Seven bruiser sized albacore and a white marlin release. We caught most on thr troll with four fish coming on the night chunk.

    I have several weekend dates open later this month and next month if anyone is interested.

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    nice deal.......welcome to the captains quarters

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    Great catch-up Mike!

    Now get yourself a camera and lets get some pics up here too!

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