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Thread: Links of Interest

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    Links of Interest

    -- best sevice available

    -- the guys on the west coast


    -- for you hunters and freshwater guys. /

    -- new on the site visit

    -- our Texan friends

    -- please visit

    -- in nantucket.?fish

    -- visit fishcraze. jim

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    Neil, I moved this over here for ya, since I am consoidating the various link "stickys". >Possum<

    Quote Originally Posted by Capt Neil Faulkner
    Hi folks,

    Mels-Place is a very nice web site with lots of interesting items. Check out the thousands of pics about old party boats.

    When on the home page you will see a box lined by red and red letters. This is about the curernt fluke situation. Click inside the box and read as much as you can. It is very well written and informative.

    I believe I also saw a link to Jim's endeavors. Good going Jim.

    Capt Neil
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