posted September 13, 2006 10:07 PM
On Saturday Captain Mark DeBlasio had the Mike Lilanski charter out to the Hudson Canyon and went right to the chunk right back at the 100-square. They sat in 575 feet of 75 degree water. They got their first bit at 10:30pm when the tuna came under the boat and they dropped down a jig. They continued to have the tuna slowly come through the slick and picked all night long putting 10 yellowfin in the boat missing another 5. They had a sword rod down 150 feet all night and it went off 3 times - they boat 2 fish and one was released and one was boated in the 90 pound class. They spent the morning running from pot to pot as the charter wanted to pick mahis all morning and that they did. Again, sardines on 60 flouro and hammered jigs produced all the fish.

Adam & The Crew of the Canyon Runner