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Thread: canyon runner report 9/13

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    canyon runner report 9/13

    On Wednesday Sept 13, Captain Mark DeCabia and Captain Phil Dulanie had the Tom Biliencki charter from New York out to the Hudson Canyon and despite a big ground swell found decent weather. They got out early enough to do some trolling up by the tip. They worked pods of bait and birds and pull 3 35-pound yellowfin on the troll on ballyhoo and Canyon Runner 9 inch rainbow squids. Wanting to get on the chunk before dark they only trolled until 6pm and then ran down the east wall to the mouth. They sat at in 600 feet of water. They got their first bit at 8:00pm when the fish came through the slick and they dropped down a jig and nailed one. They started a good pick around 1am and by 4am they had 9 in the boat. And then it really turned on. From 4am to 7am they caught 10 more and missed at least 10 more. The fish were eating almost exclusively sardines on 60 pound flouro down 60-80 feet. But they also started picking some fish on live squid and on butters when they came up behind the boat and they were hand feeding them. They also had a ton on jigs that they started working non-stop from 4am on. The yellowfin were from 40 to 75 pounds. Sea conditions were not bad as they had a ground swell but only a 2-3 foot chop on top. They finished up with 19 yellowfin (releasing 4) and fought a total of 41 yellowfin losing 22 for all shorts of reasons.

    Adam & The Crew of the Canyon Runner

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    Sounds like a damn good trip to me!

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