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Thread: taking just barley legal sharks????

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    taking just barley legal sharks????

    i have seen alot of shark taken that can be held up like a bluefish...mako/thresher. just making the legal limit. what r your thoughts on this..jim

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    i agree, hopefully they were for a picture, and then released. on most charters we do we will set a size limit,(well above the minimum) then place a mark on the side of the boat. that way when the shark gets leadered with his nose at at the mark, if his tail does`nt pass the transom, he goes free.
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    The minimum size is 4 and a half feet, it would have to be a pretty big guy to hold one up like a bluefish!

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    4 1/2' MAKO is only about 70 -80 pounds
    Holding it up isn't that hard.
    The lines on the hull are a great idea.

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