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Thread: Montauk Sportfishing Report 9/18/06

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    Montauk Sportfishing Report 9/18/06


    Fall is here and that?s surfcasting time, although things are quiet right now. Those guys are probably praying for a
    hurricane or something. The Locals Bass Tournament started Saturday and runs until the beginning of December. This
    contest is open to anyone from the town of East Hampton, plus anyone from outside the town who fishes here enough
    that they can convince the organizers that they are able to compete. Unlike other tournaments, it?s not a two day affair.
    It?s a marathon and in order to be competitive you have to be able to go fishing at any time day or night when the
    conditions are right. That?s hard to do if you live in Smithtown. The FISHERMAN?S surf tournament, which covers bass
    and bluefish, is over the weekend of September 29, and FREDDIES bass tournament is being held the weekend of
    October 13.

    The falsies were here for a while early in the week, but getting though the bluefish was a little difficult, but by the
    weekend they seem to have scattered some.

    Striped bass fishing is pretty good, but there are problems with too many bluefish getting in the way. It?s especially
    frustrating for guys using the live porgies.

    The giants over at the Mudhole seem to be about finished, although I did hear of a RUMOR that one was hooked on
    Sunday. For the previous three days it was quiet. The yellowfins and albacore are still out around the 450 line, but it
    seems like you can only get out there half the time. The rest is blown out. Sharking is still good with big, big blue dogs,
    with a few threshers showing up lately.

    If you would like to have these reports sent to you directly, just drop me a note at
    For more information about fishing in Montauk, you can give me a call at 800 280 5565 or check out

    Capt Gene Kelly
    Montauk Sportfishing
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    Sounds like a good time.
    I wish I lived in your area to join in on the fun.
    Please post winning fish sizes

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