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Thread: Shaffer's Report. "Fluking the Backside".

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    Shaffer's Report. "Fluking the Backside".

    "Fluke Catches Improve on the Backside". June 20, 2006

    The meaning of the word ,"backside" in this case refers to south side of Fisher's Island. A couple of seasoned anglers, overheard jawing about the local fishing grounds may use such words or phrases when giving up a location. "Down the beach", usually refers to Misquamicut Beach, RI. Whereas the "inside" would point to the general areas on the inside of Fishers Island Sound, such as Ram Island or White Rock. Other made up names of nearby locations, I'll leave for you to figure out on your own include; the pink house, the gas buoy, the gap, the wall, the reefs, the sluiceway, the gut, the windmill, the Ferris wheel, the castle, the monastery, mad cow island, and kielbasa shoals.
    The two best known beaches on the backside of Fishers Island are Isabella, to the West, and South Beach, also referred to as Umbrella Beach, closer to the east end. If you were amongst the lucky ones to have gone out and fished over Fathers Day weekend, you would know that we were all over due for such perfect weather. It seems as though all prayers were answered in respect to the fluke catches. For several weeks most would return only to report high numbers of short fish caught, until the big ones came in to Isabella Beach this week.
    Cheryl Fee at Shaffer's Bait and Tackle weighed in an eleven pound fluke caught by Glen Davis of Groton, which was taken from the backside of the island. Warren Firtion left from Shaffer's, accompanied by Marylyn and Pepperoni Joe, returning with six keepers on Sunday. Their drift took them from Umbrella beach to Isabella Beach, with the largest fish at 23 inches.
    Capt. Allen Fee of Sea Dog Charters, and guests Jack Arsenault, his son Chris of Houston, Texas, and son in law Morgan Eaton, had a mixed bag of striped bass, bluefish, and eight keeper fluke on Sunday. "Isabella was hot that day. As I looked around, I noticed most people were also doing well. 42 feet deep was working for us, and green seemed to be the lucky color rig. Right down to the green dyed squid strips." Jack took the boats high hook for fluke that day at 22 inches. Other trips this week produced good numbers of striped bass still at Sugar Reef and an increasing population of blues everywhere. "This is our first week with the new boat." Referring to the recently restored 1975 23' Sea Craft center console, Sea Dog. "The Privateer has more stability and room, but what a ride you get out of the Sea Craft."
    The fluke catches on the inside also slightly improved this week. The Bushey brothers of Newington, CT. brought in five keeper fluke, and reported as many as twenty throw backs from the Ram Island area. The smaller boats still have much to look forward to as the Mystic River fluking has not quite turned on
    The group of anglers from Noank, who wish to go by the alias of "Team Dixie", weighed in a 51 inch, 43 pound striper on Saturday morning. The fish took a live bunker out to Valient Rock in The Race.
    Capt. John Groff of Benmar Custom Charters reported his success in striped bass fishing near the Sugar reef and Watch Hill area. Capt John also reported a couple of blackfish catches too. "The reefs are always good to me, but I have better luck fishing my own little humps and holes."
    Bailey Pryor of Mystic took his daughter Maddie 10, and son Finn 7, on a catch and release outing to Ram Island Reef this Saturday. A bluefish hooked near the day marker was the lucky one on that trip. Bailey emphasizes conservation to insure his children's fishing success in the future.

    Catch em up!
    Capt. Allen Fee
    Shaffer's Bait and Tackle / Sea Dog Charters

    "Smile you S.O.B."

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