If you were one of the lucky ones who fishes Eastern CT or Western RI, you probably remember the hay days of bass fishing on Sugar Reef. It was all too easy. Get there before all the Eddie Bauers start trolling their fly lines, and you got it made. Of course now its almost July. The bass are still there every morning, just not the big ones. The blues are mixed in with them, bring more tackle. And worst of all, the word is out. Every Islamorada wana be with a Florida Bay flats skiff and an alarm clock is up as early as us. I always felt more at home in the Race anyway. That bunch can have the reefs!
Over the past week the race went from hot to cold for me. The first crack of daylight brought a little top water action with a few blues at Race Rock, although the last three trips produced nothing there at the same time.
A nice outgoing tide between Valiant and Little Gull on two mornings brought lots of blues on jigs and 3 ways. The next day it was as if they were never there. Ran the entire rip for hours with a few small bass north of Valiant. Took the guys fluking at Isabella instead. Picked up 8 up to 23 inches and alot of shorts in 43 feet of water.
Sometimes you got people who are better at dragging a 4 oz sinker in the sand rather than dropping a 10 oz jig in the rocks at 4 knots. Oh well! Don't forget that we are in the entertainment business. Have Fun!

Capt. Al Fee
Shaffer's Bait and Tackle, Mystic, CT