There was a rumor going around during the week that the DEC was going to have a boat on the water on the weekend
measuring porgies. East Hampton?s boat was out there alright, but no boardings took place as far as I know, maybe
because it was a little too sloppy.

The bass fishing is just alright right now, mainly because of the numbers of bluefish. They?re pretty unavoidable.

The MBCA?s annual bass tournament gets under way next week. All you have to do the participate is fish on a boat that
is in the tournament. No $$$. Biggest fish at the end of the season wins. There is also a weekly pool that you have to pay
to enter. You can enter at any marina.

The falsies have been around for a couple of weeks now, but not in great numbers. That changes on Sunday when they
were all over the place. They seem to like a southwest wind, which we had plenty of.

Bottom fishing for porgies and seabass is excellent over by Block Island, but there are lots of shorts.

Offshore, in the early part of the week the yellowfins and longfins wrere cooperating nicely with just about every boat
catching a minimum of a half dozen, all around the 400 line. Thursday we had a northerly blow and Friday the weather
was great, but things had changed some. Some boats did well, and others couldn?t get a sniff. Then Saturday and Sunday
were pretty crappy, so I don?t think anyone was out there. Weather is becoming more of a problem.

The giants are still around, with a fish or two being taken every day or so.

In the Locals Surfcasting contest we?ve got a couple of fish on the board;
Wader Division - Gary Apria - 26.66 lbs
Wet Suit Division - John Bruno - 35.40 lbs
Kids Division - Dillon Lackner - 4.34 lbs. Bluefish
Danielle Lackner - 4.08 lbs Bluefish.

The owner of the boat that I run has left for the season, and I?m in the process of putting it away. Then I?m also starting
to get busy with the southern trips, so I won?t be quite as steady with the reports for the rest of the season.

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