9.16.2006- Orange Beach, AL - Exactly 2 years to the day, and almost to the exact hour, that Hurricane Ivan struck Orange Beach, the Gulf of Mexico Swordfish record was broken. Angler Del Sawyer, along with Captain Randy (Goat Roper) Howland and Captain Robby Griffiths, and crew of the Sea Reaper III, hooked the Swordfish at 3:45am. Angler Del Sawyer fought, while standing up, for 3 hours and 45 minutes before landing the trophy Swordfish.

This record breaking catch took place in the Gulf of Mexico about 70 miles southwest of Orange Beach, AL in 1,500 feet of water. Del landed Swordie using a 50 Wide Penn Reel with Power Pro 100 lb test line. Squid (with a lightstick) was used as bait.

Word started spreading around town that the Sea Reaper III was on its way in with a record breaking Swordfish. Locals started gathering at the Orange Beach Marina to see the trophy. The Sea Reaper III pulled into the dock at about 3:00pm on Saturday afternoon and unveiled the catch. Unbelievable! Swordie weighed in at 448 pounds.

According to Alabama Outdoors, the previous record for a Swordfish caught in the Gulf of Mexico was 350 lbs, 12 ozs. and was set in 2005 by an angler from Gulf Shores, AL. If this information is correct, the Sea Reaper III's Fishing Team shattered the previous record by 97 pounds. (We are still awaiting verification from the IGFA for their official record.)

Pictures below- video and additional information will be available shortly.

The November/December issue of Sport Fishing Magazine will feature a story about Del's record shattering Swordfish.

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