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Thread: Montauk Tuna 9-20/22

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    Montauk Tuna 9-20/22

    "NE Tuna Report and Butterfly Jigging"
    Sun Sep-24-06 03:44 AM by BobWheeler18

    The Report ---- there is 3 YFT per man limit ---- the 3 day /2 night trip more or less maxed out ---- I didn?t bother with an exact body count ----- the first day in Atlantis was SLOW ---- the next night in Block was HOT ---- almost all the fish were caught the second night in Block ---- there was a slow pick on the troll in Atlantis and a little better while in and exiting Block. If all you want is the report you can stop here.

    What happened and observations on the trip:
    With fishing you seldom always know what will be the most effective method. However this is what has been recently working:
    1)On the troll --- green is good ---- machines/feathers/jets/clones ----I like to run them with a bird ----- leave the zucchini clones home --- it?s catching a lot of small nuisance fish --- if you want to use it bring a 130 reel so they don?t have to stop the boat

    2)On the chunk ----- Do not use the boat?s butterfish bait for fishing ---- it?s a lot fun to stick one under your friend's sleeping mat ----- and later look at his facial expression after its been there for a few days ---- but its not working for catching fish --- period. You need live squid ---- so bring yo-zuri squid jigs --- pink best --- lumo acceptable ----- possibly a squid jig chain(Candy Catcher) that can be dropped deep ---- in case the squids are holding deep ---- I would almost go as far to say do not start tuna fishing until you have a live squid or a really nice dead one ----- In September, I?ve been out 7 full days(24 hrs) and have only seen one tuna (albie) caught on a butterfish chunk ---- all the other action LIVE SQUID.

    3) JIGGING ---- My gear ---- Short 5 ft specialized jig stick (Jigging Master 400gm model) with an Accurate 665xn ----- XN narrow spool ---- easier on the retrieve/ High Speed ----- 80# spectra short 80# top shot ----- I?m using Japanese style long jigs ---- not shimano butterfly ---- similar in style but different ---- they were purchased on internet ----- Angler?s Pro Shop ---- Ontario California ---- and some other online sites in Japan ---- You can find them via Goggle ? Japanese Jigging Gear? et ---- or post and I?ll get into it. This gear is expensive ---- about the same as Shimano and higher ----- I like the 220 --- 400 gram models ---- long center balanced ---- their action is awesome /IMHO,to the tuna, they possibly appear like squid --- long /silver/darting.

    OK----- needless to say I was taking a lot ribbing on the Viking from the manly men for using this effete Asian jigging gear ---- especially the first few hours while some fish were being caught on bait and I wasn?t doing squat with the jig. Another advisory ---- It appears that some men get very excited while watching another man rhythmically work a jig in the high speed vertical style --- For this reason, if you plan on using this new style gear, I?d recommend that you turn your gimbal belt around to your back and wear it low to prevent uninvited encounters, if you get my drift.

    Some of the comments ---- they?re just selling a whole system of high priced crap that doesn?t produce / or doesn?t produce any better than traditional jigs. If meat in the boat is your only interest --- this part could be true) ----- Also, jabs like, hey Bob I like the way your hips move when you do the WALK THE DOG ---- What?s your bunk number I?ll knock three times ----- We were having a lot of laughs in the usual VIKING FLEET TRADITION ----Many times, I was on verge tears from laughing ---- I have to say this ---- fishing on the Viking is like fishing with family (Dysfunctional). On almost every trip someone tells me I?m an #### an go F myself ----- its usually one of the mates ---- I know at times everyone does stupid things (except me of course) --- while on the boat I try to keep it all in perspective ---- be kind and as selfless as possible to everyone ---- especially to the people that I don?t particularly like ---- try not to take any of it personally ---- and remember why I?m out there fishing ---- to have fun ---- create memories with friends --- that?s what life is about ---- OK enough of my Buddhist thing --- back to jigging..

    After 2 hours of working my jig (300 gm long silver) it started to produce) ----- one fish after another for several hours ---- fish on /fish on /fish on /fish on /fish on /et./you get the picture. Some people slowly others more quickly, put down their bait sticks, which were also producing, but not as well, and began jigging. A lot of fish were taken on iron both butterfly and diamond.

    I want to share what I see to be some of the benefits of the vertical jigging, as it pertains to party boat fishing:

    1)You don?t need no stinking bait man

    2) The majority of fish that they are catching are small 30/75# ----- the usual NE canyon gear (2 speed 50 and larger) is total overkill for these fish ---- you are fighting the gear not the fish.

    3) Mobility ---- if someone hooks up you can instantly get out of the water and back in where it is clear ---- less BS time with tangled lines and the resetting that goes along with bait/lead/light stick/et ---- less cut off lines and lost time when the bite is HOT.

    4) Its more FUN ----when the fish is on, there is less between you and the fish ----- my friend Matt, who also has one of these outfits, I believe said it best : it feels like the rod and reel is an extension of your arm. Try saying that about a 50 2 speed mounted on a 80/130 # class rod.

    5) You are not enjoying yourself at the expense of others ---- I was putting the fish in the boat as fast or faster than the people using heavier gear.

    The Disadvantages:

    1) WORK -----At times --- one live squid produced one tuna ----- simple ---- no work ---- just drop and you were in ----- so if you perceive jigging as work ---- forget it.

    )COST ----- the lures /reels/specialized rods/ are EXPENSIVE ----- all the lures that I?m using are difficult to get ---- internet mail order only

    3) THE TOOLS ------you cannot sustain this style of jigging for long periods of time without the whole setup ---- some like long stick ,others short , either way it has to be perfectly dialed in for you. Simply said ---- you need the right tool for the job. Average costs w/ my gear: stick blank:$150 --- hardware MNSG guides, grip $ 100 ---- wrapping $100 --- so $350?400 for stick ----- reel Accurate 665xn w/special articulated handle ----lets say $450 ---$500 ( I like the accurate 665xn or the Shimano jigger 4000p) ------ lures $25 ---40 per ----- I have 15 or so ----- say$ 500 total with lure carrying bag ---- and lastly --- min. another $200 for rings/hooks/spectra/PE line.

    I don?t want to make it sound that you must have a specialized jigging outfit in order to be in the action ------EVERYONE was doing more or less ok ----- it just so happened that on that night my jigging setup was hot. ONE SOLUTION : if you want to see if this is for you get a medium heavy Cod style rod 7 --- 8 footer (borrow it) and some Diamond jigs ,hammered silver /gold ---- and try it out using traditional NE high stroke style ---- if you dig that you?ll probably like this short stroke thang.

    I want to conclude by saying thanks to Dave who showed me a few things with rigging, to Ross who it was an unexpected surprise to see, and to the Viking crew for staying the F--- away from me most of the time ---- LOL???. Until the next time --- TNT Oct ----- Tuna and Tile ---- Viking got the World Record Tile on Unlimited Tackle --- see you soon.

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    Great report

    Post pics if you have them

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    nice report bob...................jim

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