Now, see what haappens when there is lot's of bait around, big big fish.

Friday was a great trip aboard RELENTLESS with the Jeff Minnichbach party aboard from PA. After getting underway and heading out to the SW corner of Stellwagen we trolled for tuna with about 30 other boats. Seeing fish breaking on the water we soon hooked up and pulled the hook on the first one of the day. After a couple of hours of trolling while trying to avoid massive schools of bluefish on 80 ft of water we headed off shore for ground fishing. About 10 miles to the east we had more breaking fish and after five minutes of trolling the center rod started to scream. The angler never caught a fish before and after a 15 minute battle landed a nice and green 42" bluefin on a black squid bar.

We continued offshore to the deep water and found large pollock stacked up on some peaks east of Stellwagen Bank. After jigging about 20 large pollock and redfish, we headed to shallower water where we jigged up some nice size haddock and a few cod but got clobered by the endangered dogfish. We called it a day and headed home when we came across more large schools of feeding bluefin tuna feeding on Stellwagen Bank, so in again went the tuna rods and we hooked up again on the port side witht he bar set way back. This fish fought hard and was about 40" and after a few photos was released to swim another day.

We had a great trip with this party and look forward to getting out again later this week and all of next week. We have openings for several good dates and if anyone is interested, please give us a call at 781-871-2113.


Captain Dave Waldrip