Getting things started by posting up my earlier reports from the past couple months:

Took a couple guys out Sunday started out from Allen's Harbor.

Between Hope I. and Jamestown there was a ton of schoolies chasing bait. We played around with them with topwater plugs, bucktails, and even diamond jigging on the bottom. Little 2-3#ers.

Once that action stopped, we headed to Tiverton by way of Prudence/Mount Hope Bridge and around. Tried a couple spots for Tautog, most of the small spots had a bunch of small tin boats packed on them. Saw a few taken over the rail, mostly small, couple keepers. The guys on the shore were pulling in some nice ones tho! The Togs seemed to be holding very tight to shore.

We left there after some shorts. Headed down the Sakonnet River to the mouth....around Sachuest to Second Beach. Searched for a few fluke in front of the beach. Had a few marks on the bottom, but got nothing.

Headed over to Bailey's and did the same thing. Nada.

Headed out to a Tog spot south of Brenton. Caught some shorts and a whole crapload of choggies.

Headed up by the Dumplings.....kept going up between Goat and the Newport Bridge and tried a few drifts. Squid are in good there, they kept hanging onto our baits and dropping off at the boat. Made a couple drifts to see if there might be any fluke below them. Nada.

Headed up by Halfway Rock.....haven't fished there since the 80's.....nothing there, then headed to Hope I. and trolled T&W around the island in amongst all the structure, had a couple schoolies play around with them there.

Headed in.

Nice day overall, but the water's still a bit cold. About 52-53 in the bay around Quonset, and colder, down to 50 south of Brenton.