Shipwreck Data

Vessel Name Gwendolyn Steers
Other Names Former names J. Rich Steers, Melrose, Triton and Douglas H. Thorne
Vessel Type Tug
Owner Steers Sand & Gravel Company
Length / Beam / Draft (feet) 96' / 20' /
Tonnage 148
Hull Construction Steel
Built 1888
Date of Loss December 30, 1962
Reason for Loss Sank in storm
Fatalities 9 crewmen
Location Off entrance to Huntington Harbor, NY
Coordinates (Lat/Lon)
Coordinates (Loran C) 26798.7 / 43951.3
Water Depth (feet) 55'
Typical Visibility (feet) Usually poor
Wreck Condition Mostly intact and upright
Diving Considerations
Other Information