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Thread: "The Return of the Menhaden."

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    "The Return of the Menhaden."

    September 26, 2006

    "The Return of the Menhaden."

    It has been a good fifteen years or more since we have seen schools of adult menhaden or "bunker," around here. What an amazing year this has been, and every year brings something new. The adult size bunker have been caught from the Mystic River to Stonington Harbor, to the Thames. These fish can control the habits of larger fish, mainly striped bass and bluefish. The presence of bunker provides food and fast growing nourishment, while keeping the predatory fish here longer. In short, we are in for some big stripers, and healthy blues.
    Catching bunker on a recreational scale is usually done by the means of a snag hook. The weighted treble hook is cast across the active school of bunker while abruptly jerking the hook toward you. Once hooked, the fish is allowed to swim. The slightly disabled fish is quickly singled out by the bass and blues below. Recent reports at Shaffer's claim that it's difficult to get the bunker to the boat in one piece, laying blame to the voracious bluefish below. Best results for large stripers is to place the caught bunker in a live well, and cast them out on a reef such as Ram Island or Watch Hill. "These bunker snaggers have been on our shelves for years, and now we can't keep 'em in stock." claims Cheryl Fee of Shaffer's.
    Blackfish are off to a good start. Tom DePasquale, Tony Lasaro, and Brian Cushman left out of Mystic, aboard the "Miss D" returning with 7 keepers and 12 shorts from Middle Clump.
    Pete Simlick and Gary Veronick of Shaffer's boated 3 keeper blackfish on opening day at Ram Island Reef. The captain and crew of the "Onward" returned with three keepers that same day.
    Most agree that it will get better as we get further into October and the water cools.

    Catch em up!
    Capt. Allen Fee
    Shaffer's Bait and Tackle / Sea Dog Charters
    "Smile you S.O.B."

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    Good Write-up Allen!
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