I don?t know if the fluke fishing is improving or I?m getting used to the new norm. Around the Point, fluke fishing can
be pretty good, although you have to be careful to avoid the doggies. Fishing the rips you can catch a fair number of fish.
But, fluke eating isn?t too good because practically everything you catch is too small, and not just a smidgen small. A
better choice might be to head over towards Eastern Plains Point at Gardiner?s Island. There the catching isn?t as good as
down by the Light, but the eating is better, since most of the fish are of edible size.

A ?uh-oh? is developing with the striped bass. They are getting a little difficult to find, and catching a limit is almost
unheard of. You know there?s a problem when you hears captains on the radio looking for some bluefish to bend the rods
with. The ?Porgy n Bassin? is getting started, and you see a lot of boats drifting n dreaming. But it?s not a miracle cure.
You can?t catch what isn?t there, and right now there just are not a lot of bass around.

Offshore the shark fishing is getting stabilized, with steady picks of blues, makos and threshers, all being caught in the
normal haunts fifteen to twenty miles out. And with not an awful lot of pests like bluefish and doggies, although if you
stay too short they might be a problem. The water is looking good too, nice and blue with some bird life, dolphins and
occasional patches of bluefins splashing around.

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