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Thread: Elizabeths (Buzzards Bay)

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    Elizabeths (Buzzards Bay)

    Not seeing much more than schoolie Stripers still. The bait seems to be picking up slowly. Birds are either in the rocks or further off shore at this point. Very few "working" birds.

    That being said, the monster Blues are around. In 2 days I picked up 32"(10lbs), 34"(15lbs) and 36"(16lbs gutted) bluefish. The latter being my largest ever. All on light tackle. Great fun fighting these things.

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    Still love the voracious blue fish..DAMN looook at those chompers

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    Great report, those are some monster blues...........

    We've got a ton of blues as well, but I was able to pull a nice 45" bass from below them last weekend.

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