The weekend started slow (for Bass) friday, all blues blues blues, (i think Stress Reeleiver managed a Bass)
Sunday was a turned back from 6 footers.
Monday had a morning Trip with a few State Investigators. 1 bass, and 3 lost fish in the first 3-1/2 hours fishing 3 spots, I went for a last ditch effort and found some bass....4 drifts 4 doubles, that meant 8 fish...the biggest only being 20 lbs. they kept 2 bass and one blue. the others were sent back swimming.

Monday night took out ROB ROY and his crew. opposite from the day trip, started out HOT, with a few big blues, and 2 nice 29 lb'ers.


I took out my Friends son tuesday morning, I punished him by gettimng him up at 315....headed out in search of bait.....ran into REEL CRAZY, and Capt Pat...being the good friend and generous fellow captain he is , Capt Pat offered me up a bunch of swimming bunker

Resulted in a me and Mike Poppin a handful of 20-30 lbers,
heres mikes PB....

we headed back in to pick up a late sleeper, some more liveys, back out....popping another half dozen or so 20-30 pound plus fish, unfortunately, we were also swarmed by Blues up to 10 lbs