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Thread: Buzzards Bay

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    Buzzards Bay

    Went out last night after dinner for a couple of hours. Boat ran great, the Racor filter was the culprit. I'll pick up more filters at Napa.

    After 20 minutes of fishing one of the more popular spots, I left. Too many boats. I ran down Buzzards Bay side of the islands to one of this year's favorite spots. I seem to have different ones each year.

    I hit a few big fish on various plugs but got nothing to the boat. I was up to my usual tricks of enticing them out of the rocks. I had fun which is the point.

    However, while there I saw a pod of fast movers. Could not ID them but they were definately fast and not bluefish. Water temp was 68.

    '73 222 Aquasport - gone

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    well at least you got to go out.......

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    Yes I did.

    Did the same area Saturday and filled the boat. I had two guests on board and they complained that their arms were tired from fishing. 8)
    '73 222 Aquasport - gone

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