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Thread: Beware of Moose on Connecticut Roadways

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    Beware of Moose on Connecticut Roadways

    DEP to Participate in Study of Moose Behavior in New England

    In the wake of two recent car accidents involving moose in Northwestern CT, the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) urges drivers in this part of the state to use extra caution. In August a 500-pound moose was struck and killed in Goshen and in September a 700-pound bull moose was struck and killed in Barkhamsted. "As the moose population expands its range and increases in Connecticut, the frequency of moose-vehicle collisions is expected to rise," said Dale May, Director of the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Wildlife Division.
    Since 1995, the DEP has documented 13 accidents involving moose on state roadways. "While none of these accidents have resulted in a human fatality, the sheer size of a moose (up to 1,000 lbs) presents a serious threat to life and property when on a roadway," May stated. During the same eleven-year time interval, Massachusetts has documented 243 moose-vehicle accidents and one human fatality. In states like Maine and New Hampshire, where moose populations are well established, the risk of a human fatality is much greater. On average, Maine experiences three human fatalities and NewHampshire experiences one human fatality each year, due to moose-vehicle collisions.
    Connecticut?s moose population continues to grow steadily and the DEP estimates that more than 100 currently reside in the state, primarily in the northern towns where most of the moose-related accidents have occurred. However, individual moose can travel long distances, which means they will continue to expand southward into populated areas where vehicle traffic density is much higher. As a consequence, the likelihood of hitting a moose on Connecticut roadways is expected to increase in southern portions of the state.
    The DEP Wildlife Division plans to participate in a regional research project to study the growth, distribution and movements of moose in southern New England. This study is being initiated because little information is available about the region?s moose population and concerns exist about highway safety and moose impacts on forest regeneration. "Beginning this winter, the Wildlife Division plans to capture moose and fit them with radio collars that can be tracked by satellite," said DEP wildlife biologist Howard Kilpatrick. The University of Massachusetts and Massachusetts Division of Fisheries, Wildlife, and Law Enforcement will be using similar methods in Massachusetts.
    The DEP requests that anyone observing a moose in Connecticut report the sighting to the DEP Wildlife Division at 860-642-7239 or send an email (
      1. Stay alert, especially around dawn, dusk and after dark when moose are most active. Because moose are 6 feet tall at the shoulders, your headlights typically will not show any "eye shine" from a moose.
      2. Use caution during spring (May-July) and fall (September-November). During these months, moose are most active.
      3. Driving within the posted speed limit will lessen the severity of an accident if you do collide with a moose or deer.
      4. Use high beams whenever possible to improve visibility and wear you seat belt.

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    The accident took place at around 2:30 p.m. There were no injuries, but traffic is backed up about two miles as the wreckage is cleared away, police said. There was no indication from police when the roadway will be cleared.

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