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Thread: Rules of the road

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    Rules of the road

    Been driving going on 50 years now. It occurs to me that the "rules of the road" have evolved over time. Here's what they seem to me, now.
    1) Don't let the speed limit make you late.
    2) Don't let the red light slow you down.
    3) Why signal? I know I'm turning!
    4) Never wait your turn. Get in the wrong lane and cut someone off.
    5) If you're not tailgating you're not cool.
    6) What stop sign?
    7) Handicapped parking? Screw them, I'm just as important as they are!
    8) Passing on the right is OK if traffic is heavy.
    9) Dim my brights? Hey, I need to see! You don't matter!
    10) Sorry I pulled out in front of you--the cell phone call was important!

    All fishermen lie, except you and me, and sometimes I'm not sure about you.

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    LMAO good ones....I think you travel the same roads I do as we are seeing the same drivers. LOL

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    Its a rat race. Everyone in a hurry to go no where.And don't people work.Why are there so many people driving around all day.

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    A Few Rules Of The Water Road
    1)my Boat Is Bigger, Get Out Of The Way
    2) I'm A Sail Boat, Even Though Im Running The Engine...get Out Of My Way
    3) No Wake's Ok Im Not Awake
    4) There Isnt Any Roads Out Here, Thus No Rules Of Road

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    LOL all good rules!!!!!

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