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Thread: welcome "FRENZY BIG GAME TACKLE"

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    Glad to have them aboard.

    The website for Frenzy is

    They offer unique proven...yes I Have personally tested all the products, here inshore with the "Angry Popper" and off shore off of Port Canaveral Florida. With Great results. The circle hooks are of the strongest hooks I have ever seen! NO BS (that's why it's on NBSSportfishing!)
    Welcome Captain Scott ...... Just Hang On!!!

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    Welcome! If Chuck says its good I believe it :cool:

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    welcome........................................... ......:rr:

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    Welcome Capt Scott. I have abused my tackle with their whole line of products. The Ballistic flying fish are great for tuna and sharks.
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    believe it or not, i was in montauk, at star island last year, mtself and capt Joe Paese were looking at the stuff, Joe throws out the Balistic flying fish right off the back of the boat, reeling it in WHAM....FRIGGIN 30 POUND BASS!!!!!!!!! i ALSO DID WELL WITH THEM ON KINGFISH, WAHOO, AND DORADO OFF PORT CANAVERAL LAST AUGUST.WOULD PROBABLY HAVE DONE MORE BUT THE CUDAS CHOMPED EM UP.

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    Wow, I have not tried them on the bass.

    I do try to have one floating on a free line behind the boat most of the time.

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    We WEren't Targeting Bass, Just Wanted To See The Action. Another True Strory...the Angry Popper Is Kickass On Stripers...i Caught 2 Bass On The Same Popper At The Same Damn Time....first For Me....2 Fish On One Lure!!!!!

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    I think that those Angry Poppers have caught just about everything that swims.
    The solid metal backbone in them is my main reason for using them. Take a look...

    Were you letting the lure sink any when you caught those stripes?

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    Make sure to change the hooks on the frenzy poppers, I lost a nice YF this year cause of that. The circles are amazing hooks, I use them as much as possible, even when I'm bottom fishing. I am also a fan of the fake flyers. Anyone tried them in the NE Canyons?

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    What kind of hooks do you like to use on your poppers Brad?

    I like these...

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