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Thread: wednesday tuggers in fishers

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    wednesday tuggers in fishers

    the guests wanted to troll for a while before toggin'. trolled out of the mystic river east into a stiff NE breeze. choppy & gray. no takers after the monestary & i said.....lets go toggin'! started at a favorite rock near stonington to put on a 4 lb'er & a few shorts before a lull. picked up & headed west to where i had some success over the holiday. set anchor once on a hump & never left! 3 hrs of slow pickings put 11 more in the box & throw-backs to 16".
    keepers were 4-8 lbs. not a bad day concidering one slacker onboard boated only one 5 lb'er.... fish seem concentrated in small, specific areas. a grady not 100 yds. from me netted no fish! this is a game of inches ( like my golf buddys say) the special K is armed & ready to slay those leather lipped tasty beasts!
    cheers! cap'n mick

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    Nice job on those tuggers .It definately makes a difference where you locate .Sometines a little toss of the bait one way or another drops in the right hole.

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    Nice Job Mick!

    I can't count how many times I have been slaying the Togs (or even just steady action all day) only to look right next to me and see NO to very few fish coming over a neighbor's rails.

    Some of it is luck on getting on the spot, but it can't ALL be luck :cool:

    10% of the fishermen catch 90% of the fish!

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    tug tug tug

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    Nice! Fish up to 8lbs is a lot of supper !
    Funny you mention "it's a game of inches", on Sunday I said the same thing to Maggie and showed her by raising my crab up and over the other side of a small rock....BAM fish on....she wanted to know if that was planned LOL.

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    great job mick............................wtg......jim :monkey:

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