Enjoy the Ride with Scopace!
Motion Sickness disrupt your travel? When you seek relief from motion sickness, doctors can prescribe SCOPACE for travel comfort.
Do not let the discomfort of motion sickness disrupt your travel plans. Motion sickness can be prevented. Herbal remedies and over-the-counter products can help treat mild discomfort; however, prescription strength medicine may be needed by persons who tend to develop nausea and vomiting. Scopolamine, the active ingredient in the prescription medicine SCOPACE, was rated the "single most effective drug in preventing nausea and vomiting induced by motion" by the American Hospital Formulary Service in its reference textbook, AHFS Drug Information 1996.
Even the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) recommends Scopolamine for the prevention of motion sickness! Read the CDC's recommendation for travelers.
Fears of rough seas, turbulent flights, and bumpy drives are frequently cited by persons hesitant to travel. Low dose SCOPACE provides travel comfort while minimizing possible side effects.
The typical dose is 1-2 tablets taken an hour before travel. For prompt absorption and action, the dose should be taken on an empty stomach. Each dose comforts for up to 8 hours.
There are several important differences between SCOPACE tablets and the scopolamine patch. The patch provides a fixed dose. One fixed dose may not be appropriate for all patients. In contrast, you can easily titrate the SCOPACE dose to adjust for each person's weight and individual needs.
In a study conducted for NASA comparing oral and topical scopolamine, the patch was found to be one-half as effective as oral tablets in preventing motion sickness.
SCOPACE dissolves within minutes for quick absorption and onset of effect. In contrast, effective drug concentration is not achieved until some 6-8 hours after the patch is applied.
OTC drugs and Rx medicines have predictable benefits, but they also have potential side effects. For example, one side effect of SCOPACE is a temporary reduction of salivation causing relative dryness in the mouth. This can be remedied by drinking plenty of fluids. To minimize the risk of side effects, you should take as few tablets as is necessary. Your doctor or pharmacist can help recommend a low dose that best meets your needs.
As a prescription medicine, SCOPACE is covered under many healthcare and pharmacy insurance plans.
Rough seas, turbulent flights, and bumpy drives need not disturb your travel plans. Prevent motion sickness with SCOPACE and enjoy the ride.
Please share the Motion Sickness - Prescribing Information with your doctor to discuss whether SCOPACE may be beneficial.
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Scopace included in Treatment Guidelines for travelers published by The Medical Letter.
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