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Thread: How To Fillet Cod

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    How To Fillet Cod

    How to filet codfish!

    Step by step instructions and pictures of how to filet a codfish!

    For ease of viewing I am filleting the left side of the fish.

    Place the filet knife just behind the side fin at the angle as shown.
    Next make the first cut from top to bottom cutting down to the horizontal bone. You will feel it against the knife.
    Beginning at the top of the first cut, slice along the top of the fish to the tail as depicted in the next 4 pictures.

    Continuing making the same cut, from the front to the tail, following the vertical bone (you will feel it against the knife) until the knife contacts the horizontal bone.
    Once there, begin at the horizontal bone, grasp the filet then use the same cutting process and continue cutting following the vertical bone to the tail.
    Once past the horizontal bone, the knife will easily slice the flesh and pierce the lower body. Continue cutting to the tail as depicted in the next two pictures.

    Following this next process will result in one whole filet. This horizontal bone is present in the codfish family and the larger the fish the larger this bone. You must cut around it so as not to cut off the bottom of the filet. Grasp the filet and using the tip of the knife and the same cutting process (cutting back and forth) follow the bone and cut around it as depicted in the next 4 pictures.

    Once you have cut around the horizontal bone, continue cutting to the body cavity of the fish as depicted in the next two pictures.

    Continue cutting until the filet separates from the fish as depicted in the next two pictures.

    Repeat the process for the other half of the fish. This results in two boneless filets.
    The final step is to remove the skin.
    Grasp the edge of the narrow end and make a cut stopping at the inner surface of the skin.
    Holding the skin use a back and forth cutting action as depicted in the next five pictures.

    The final result.................................
    I wish to thank my friend Bruce whose boat we used and who took all the pictures as we both froze our butts!!!!!!!!! If anyone finds this useful, it was worth it.

    The links to the left provide current marine and local weather reports, extended local weather reports, tide charts and the U. S. Coast Guard Navigation Center, featuring GPS information, DGPS sites (which are a must for anyone with a differential GPS), LORAN-C information, Local Notice to Mariners plus a boat load of miscellaneous navigational links and my Site Map. Although most of the links to the left provide local information, my out of state visitors can also find nationwide marine and weather information.

    The links to the right have my Boating, Fishing, Knot Tying (fishing and boating knot tying instructions with pictures and some animations) and Tackle Tips pages. My Fish Species Page has color pictures of the most popular fish caught off the Massachusetts coast along with information such as their reproduction, habitat, food they eat, fishing season, angling tips, handling and cooking. Following these are my Search Engine pages, one with short descriptions and another in a table form, plus my Research Page. Last but not least, is my Doll House Gallery featuring the Farmhouse and The Garfield! These keep me busy in the winter.

    This page is best viewed at a resolution of 800 x 600.

    As you visit my pages you will notice I love animation. Feel free to copy any of the animations.

    Please don't hesitate to contact me if you are having trouble locating marine, boating, fishing, tackle information or have any questions!

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    Sweet. I was talking to a deckhand on one of the party boats out of the merrimack river and the guy was pretty dang good at cleaning those cod.

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    Nice post very informative ..the step by step pics are great .

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    I'll take those and put them in my deep frier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roy View Post
    I'll take those and put them in my deep frier.
    LOL yes, you would.........

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