The plans were made to go out last night since the beginning of the week. After going what seems like 0-for the last decade, we had the gear ready to roll and get this skunk off of the boat! The crew was myself, Pushbutton2, D4Sailfish, and SeanBenyo. The weather turned a little snotty, but nothing was keeping us from putting the boat in the water in our quest for redemption. We set out of Boca Inlet around 6:30 in a washing machine of 3-5 footers from all of the storms that were blowing through. We briefly thought about going in and polishing off the cooler of brew we had aboard in the comforts of home. Thanks to a little determination we decided to keep running, but not as far as originally planned.
We set the spread at about 7:30 and began the wait. About 20 minutes into the drift, D4 says here we go and comes tight on the flat line. Good deal, the box gets christened with a 50incher. Not big by any means, but after the trips we were having there was no doubt that he was table fare. Through the night we released 2 more pups, and had a pod of pups swimming around in the light. Definitely the coolest thing I have seen with them racing through the Swordlights glow.

Being that it was a work night, we decided it was about time to head in. That's when it got real good. We get tight on a fish on the 100ft. bait and put the heat to him. Sean spotlights the direction of the line, and he comes to the surface for a full jump. "We got a jumper," he says and we both agree that this fish is what we all look for. After what seemed like an eternity the fish is steadily coming to the surface and we prepare the landing gear. This was a relief since Pushbutton2 and SeanBenyo were part of the crew that fought that monster for 11.5 hours a few weeks ago!

D4 brings her to the side of the boat, where Sean darts her. Then comes Todd with the 6" hook and me with the 4". It took a good deal of muscle to pull her over the gunnels and plop her safely on the deck. Boy she was good. After high fives all around, we put the tape to her. 81inches was the tale of the tape LJFL, and she was fat! The OAL was over 120", I don't remember the exact length. We stored the gear, shot some pics, and proceeded to empty the cooler of all the available adult beverages.

Me, Todd, and Doug with the slob!

A total team effort, finally rewarded!!
This was the biggest I have had the pleasure of helping to boat in the 3+ years I have been fishing with these guys. Thanks to them for including me in the Pushbutton2/Off Duty/Bad Habit fishing team family!