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Thread: hydroglo sword sticks.....

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    hydroglo sword sticks.....

    I don't known if it was on this Forum or the Florida Sportsman Forum, but a few days ago someone wanted to know about a good deal on hydroglows. I was up at the Palm Beach Boat show today and Chaos Rods were selling them for $175 with case 561 547-8066. Then there was another guy with a close out on his hydroglows for $165.00 with case he only had 7 left of the old model. His name is WilliesBait 561 848-4484, or 1800 2 willie. Once his 7 are gone the Price will increase to whatever the new models will be selling for, Good Luck...........i know adolpho owner of chaos rods personnally........i might be able to work a deal...........jim nbs

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    in my opinon are worth more than that. they have made our trip happen more than once.Great product.
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